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Live Work Condo's

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A live-work space combines personal living space and professional workspace in such a way that neither is compromised. The most common way of creating a live-work space is to renovate commercial lofts or warehouses, although some live-works spaces are designed from scratch. An area of the loft or warehouse is usually retrofitted with all of the necessary plumbing, heating and electrical utilities needed for a private living space. Conventional room designs may be used, or a more open floor plan may prove more feasible. Areas of a large room may be designated for different functions, and curtains or partitions may provide privacy.

The work side of a live-work space may also be retrofitted for the needs of the worker or business. Instead of simply installing a computer in the corner of a bedroom, an entire working office can be installed in the work space of a loft or warehouse. Specialized tools and other equipment can also be brought in to provide the worker with everything he or she might need. Most live-work spaces are not used for major production work or retail sales, so they shouldn't inconvenience neighbors with excess noise, dirt or customer traffic. One of the most common uses for a live-work space is an artist's studio. In fact, many live-work spaces in major cities are marketed specifically towards professional artists. The reasoning is pretty straightforward -- artistic endeavors such as sculpture and installation art require large workspaces, but the artist may want to live close to the project. A properly designed live-work space provides the artist with the amenities of a home and the open studio space necessary to create and store finished works securely. While commercial loft space has always been a hot commodity amongst the artistic community, the advent of live-work space has made the concept of living close to the project even more appealing.

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RICIR has been involved with the redevelopment of mills on a full time basis for the past 14 years.  We have been at the forefront of the reuse process and have dealt with many issues ahead of many other developers.  We are proud to have been involved in many successes but not without dealing with many, in some case, unsolvable problems.  We have learned many lessons over the years but we stand firm in our commitment to offer live work spaces to the artist community. The photo presentation above focuses on several projects available in the area.  RICIR always works with all area brokers and developers who offer a quality product and we offer only the essence of what a live work space should be.