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Fourteen years ago the owner of this building chose to divide 18,000 sq ft into 5 units and offer these units to the artist population. The rest is history. This building is the original redevelopment of working mill space in the City of Pawtucket. Today it continues to thrive with heavy industrial users working together with the artist population. Painter / sculptor with warehousing use and potter and glass blower with jewelry distributing. The prime example of industry and the arts working together.    


A04   1762 sq ft  storage  
B01   987 sq ft  studio  
C01 B     457 sq ft  studio  
D01   890 sq ft   studio  
D02   375 sq ft  studio  
D03   1200 sq ft   studio  
Work only spaces now available  
as of  11/25/10  

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250  Esten Ave.  Pawtucket